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Breve descrição

Our Awardsystem is called "Grepolisscore". In Grepolisscore you can check which awards you already achieved and which not. As Grepolis is getting older and older, and we added plenty of new awards in the past years to the game, we thought putting them in different categories might help for having a better overview about your awards. So, we will have “Daily Awards”, “Combat Awards”, “Empire Progression” and more.

Como acessar o Grepo Score

You can access the Grepolisscore window by clicking the button in the UI in the top left corner, right above the server time.

Gscore access.png

Como é a janela principal

In the following image you see the main screen of "Grepolisscore" with your global Points in the top middle. On the left, next to your points, there is always the latest achieved award displayed. Below you can see the different award categories with their names and points you have earned in this category. If you click on the category you will enter another screen with a list of all awards of this category.

Gscore main.png

Última medalha

In the top left you always see the award you have recently earned:

Gscore top left.png

Clicking the image will directly open the award category to which the award belongs. Always when you gain a new award you will be notified by a small icon in the bottom right of the UI. Clicking it will instantly open the Grepolisscore window and let you see the award progress and how many points you have earned with the new award.

Grepo Score Global

In the middle you see your total Grepolisscore points. All points from all worlds will be summed up and displayed in the main screen below the Grepolisscore icon. By pressing the small "i" button you can see how many points you have earned on the different worlds.

Gscore top middle.png

Next to the point value there is a button. Pressing it will let you copy a bbcode for showing your Grepolisscore to other players via messages or forum posts.

In the top right you see a drop down menu that will let you navigate through the different award categories. By default you are in the "Overview" of the Grepolisscore feature.

Gscore top right.png


You can navigate through the award categories in two different ways. From the overview you can click the category image, respectively the entire area (image, name, points) in the lower part of the main screen or you can choose the corresponding category via the drop down menu in the top right. Both will change the view and display the awards of the selected category. If you would select the "Daily Awards" category, the lower part of the screen would change to this one:

Gscore daily awards.png

Here you can see which awards of this category you have already gained and which you are still missing. On the right side of each award, you can see how many Grepolisscore Points you have earned with this award and how many Points you can earn at maximum.

Como voltar à visão geral

You can always come back to the overview by clicking the "Overview" tab in the window title. But there are two more options to return to the overview. You can always click the Grepolisscore image in the top middle or select the drop down menu and choose "Overview".

Categorias de medalha

All awards are distributed into the following categories:

  • Daily Awards
  • Tactics
  • Combat
  • Military Preparation
  • Empire Progression
  • Highscores
  • Heroes
  • Unobtainable

Every category has an image that shows the theme of the category, a title and a number of Grepolisscore Points. The number shows you how many Grepolisscore Points you have earned only in this single category.

Gscore award category.png

Awards you cannot gain anymore in the game but were possible to gain in the past are listed in the category "Unobtainable". In this category we display all event related awards for example.

Cálculo dos pontos do Grepo Score

Your total Grepolisscore is determined by the Grepolisscores you earn on all worlds by attaining awards.

Gscore world score.png

For daily awards you will be credited the corresponding Grepolisscore points only the first time you gain the award. For the second time you get the same daily award, it will only be added to your profile but you will not get the points again.